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Disclaimer of Liability
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It is forbidden to link to isolated elements in Site, such as direct linking to images or documents displayed on Site.

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It is forbidden to display Site through any technological systems whatsoever in such a way that modifies its content.

Termination of Use
Site Managers , at their sole discretion and without prior notice, may prevent you from using Site or any part thereof; prevent access to the entire site or parts thereof; or remove or delete any information or content previously displayed on Site. In particular, Site Managers will do so in any case of violation of these Terms or in any case of omission or commission which causes or is likely to cause damage to Site, to its users, to Site Managers or anyone acting on their behalf. The provisions in this clause augment the rights of Site Managers by any law and by the other provisions of these Terms of Use.

Changes to Site
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Changes to Terms of Use
Site Managers may from time to time change these Terms of Use without prior notice. You may at any time read the most recent version of the Terms of Use by clicking the appropriate link from Site pages.

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