Evaluation | Usability Evaluation
Usability evaluation of software products and web applications is a growing trend in the software industry. It ensures that the product is easy to use and that users have a positive experience.

Heuristic evaluation
The most basic method for evaluating products is heuristic evaluation. This involves an expert review of the product, including a systematic inspection of the user interface design. Its goal is to find the usability problems in the design, so that they can be attended to as part of an iterative design process.

Heuristic evaluation is usually the quickest and easiest type of evaluation to perform, and it can be carried out even during the development phases of the product.

My consulting services include:
Detailed heuristic evaluation report of the software or website, which is based on my in-depth knowledge of usability
      standards and user needs.
Recommendations for changes in the application user interface in order to solve usability problems and enhance
       the user experience.
For ecommerce applications, my report also includes recommendations aimed at increasing the conversation rate.
Other evaluation techniques

There are several other evaluation techniques - for instance, usability lab testing, log analysis, analytics and the use of optimization software such as Google’s optimizer. Some of them require special equipment and areas (lab tests), while others can be performed in your organization’s normal work areas, without any special tools.

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