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The foundation of a successful project is a clearly articulated strategy. We cannot make the right decisions about all the various aspects of the project, unless we know what we want to accomplish, both for our business and for our product’s users.

So the aim of the Research & Planning process is to understand the background of the product:
Understanding the business, and the reasons for developing the product (application or website)
Understanding the target audience/s, the different types of users (for example: administrators versus regular users)
      and their differing needs and roles.

The outcome of the Research and Planning process should then be a clear sense of what the project is about and what the users need.
Its consequent output is a list of Requirement Specifications; this list defines the scope of the final product.

Here is a short list of paragraphs included within the Requirement Specifications:
Executive Summary
Project Objectives & Expectations
Target Audiences & Personas
Competitive Analysis
Functional Requirements
Content & Search Requirements
Language Selection and Localizations
Technical Requirements
Security Issues
Third Party Products/Technology
Creative Brief (Visual Design Guidelines)
User Experience Emphasis